What About GERD Trigger Foods?

The traditional approach to controlling GERD has always been to avoid “trigger” foods that seem to set off an acid attack. Typically the right food is identified for the wrong reasons.

Pizza can cause heartburn, but the culprit is more likely to be the crust than the pepperoni or tomato sauce. Fried foods can activate GERD, but the problem is more likely to be the resistant starch in the batter than the fried food or the oil it is fried in. A sweet wine may set off an acid stomach, but the problem is the sugar in the wine, not the alcohol.

There just isn't any evidence in medical research that certain foods relax the esophageal sphincter and trigger GERD. Neither is there any evidence that fats cause GERD. The problem seems be linked to carbohydrates. However, if you stick to a paleo diet you won't be consuming the resistant starches that make GERD worse, and if you are always careful to avoid eating until you are full and you are on the lookout to avoid the foods listed above, any problem with GERD can be greatly reduced.

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